In the real estate business, it’s all about numbers – and when it comes to Matterport 3D property marketing, the numbers say that agents need to step up their game.

Why Matterport?

Matterport 3D tours are the best way to market a property online. Buyers are done with boring slideshows that agents market as “virtual tours.” The largest segment of homebuyers right now is in the 25 to 45 age bracket – all people who are comfortable with technology and who are always on the lookout for immersive, interactive experiences.

That’s where Matterport tours come in.

Potential buyers can explore a home, office space or commercial building without leaving the sofa by virtually walking through. With cutting-edge technology that allows users to view an entire home by clicking and creates an unprecedented virtual reality home tour that’s compatible with VR headsets, Matterport tours are the best way to showcase a property for sale.

Of all the agents who use Matterport tours:

  • 90% say that Matterport helps them build a stronger brand
  • 83% say they’re more competitive in the market because of Matterport
  • 74% earn more listings because of Matterport

Your Matterport photographer will also provide you with high-resolution photos that buyers love – it’s an irresistible combination.

Top Producers Using Matterport

Top producers use Matterport because it further sets them apart from very other real estate agent in town. It’s a way of establishing themselves as the “go-to” agents who will do whatever it takes to sell homes quickly and at top-dollar.

The bottom line is that professional 3D virtual tours and high-resolution photos are essential to a successful scale – together, they make ordinary listings truly spectacular. Agents who use these invaluable tools get bigger, better listings and sell them faster… and they build a reputation for excellence.

About 3D RoomScapes

We offer the highest quality photography, aerial drone videography and so much more so you can establish yourself as the best agent in town – the one who’s willing to go the extra mile to sell clients’ homes.

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